Contact Information

Mobile Phone +2782 461 9640

FAX +2786 606 4058

Postal Address

P O Box 48006, Hercules, 0030


To trust in God in word and deed.

To perform all repairs and installations in a professional, honest and well-timed manor to insure safety and progress at all times.

By utilizing technology in such a way that the standard in progress super seeds the value of the installation in time.


Performing duties concerning personal and environmental health and safety.

Insuring that a win-win situation is maintained in order to prolong working relations.

To take responsibility for the property of the customer and that of the company.

Taking in consideration finance, equality and religion in respecting all aspects of sustaining business growth.


Ensuring that work is done with reputable companies, certified materials as controlled by national standards and authorities.

To utilize experience gained as a result of research and training through a working environment sustained by the industry and demand for specialized materials and applications.

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